November 25, 2019 2 min read

How Dogs Say "I Love You": 4 Signs

Dogs are pack animals and in the eye of your furry friend, you are the pack leader. The following signs show that your dog sees you, not only as a "leader", but also as a friend —a loved friend. 


1. Regular Joyful Welcome

You come home from work,open the front door, and hear wild tapping paws. Your dog is wagging his tail, full of joy at the sight of you, perhaps barking exuberantly and jumping up at you.  Each of these signs is the dog’s way of saying  "I am glad you are there" and how he his expresses love.

2. Trust Is Love

Your dog’s trust proves his love for you. When the dog is facing unknown or even dangerous situations, he looks at you. He knows you gauge all situations and he know he can trust you. And it’s deep trust.

Does your dog look at you if he does not know what else to do, or if a situation seems unknown and maybe even dangerous? Then he trusts you. He would not do that if he did not trust you.


3.Physical Proximity Is Mental Proximity

If a dog wants to be physically close to its owner, it usually means that he is close to you spiritually too. We all know that we love to snuggle with our dogs.

If a dog lies close to you or even snuggles into you, you can be sure he appreciates your friendship, accepts your protection, and probably loves you deeply.

4. Show Love By Caring

If your dog loves you, his care for you can be shown in several ways. When danger threatens, he may protect you from a potential aggressor.  Your dog also shows he care when he senses that you are ill or sad. He is seeking your closeness. This is typical behavior for a caring dog.



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