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Here's why we live healthier with a dog

We know that dogs are good for us. But more than being loyal companions, man's best friend actually can improve our health. When we first get a dog, we usually just say, "Oh, how cute!" But two weeks later... that four-legged friend turned Teddy Bear is allowed to sleep on our bed!

"We all know someone like this: the gushing dog owner, who shows off countless dog photos to anyone who will look. You understand because you, too, fell immediately head over heels with your own 'king of cute.' But dogs are more than heart-balm --they can demonstrably improve your health and positively enrich your life.



How do  dogs improve our health?

Imagine this scenario: It is cold outside and it raining pitchforks. Honestly, who wants to leave the warmth of the house in such bad weather? Nobody, right?! If it weren't for the heartwarming pair of dog eyes looking at us and begging 'Let’s go out and play' we would stay dry. But no!! We venture out in all the slop just to make him/ her. (We are secretly happy too.)

The fact is, if you are the proud owner of a dog, walking in wind and weather is just one of your duties. But that can also be your big benefit, because scientists at Michigan State University found out in a study that dog owners reach the recommended movement time of 150 minutes per week more often than persons without dogs. This period is sufficient to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and, according to the researchers, the physical activity also works against chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and chronic bronchitis

In addition, the study confirms that being outdoors in the open air boosts your immune system: dog owners are less likely to be sick and healthier for the flu season. Your four-legged friend not only makes you a long-distance hiker, but also helps you reduce risk factors such as obesity, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. The same study also shows that dog owners have a better chance of recovery after a heart attack: 94 percent of infarct patients had survived after one year, compared to 72 percent of other propositi. The sweet poochies not only warm your heart but also make it beat longer.



How dogs affect our mind?

Your furry friend not only scores with an activity-enhancing effect, but also improves your psyche well and promotes your well-being. When its wet, cold muzzle presses against your face every morning, your heart is sure to open and you'll start the day happily. Especially singles or people who live alone, feel less lonely with a dog. The daily cuddles with the dogs make you evidentially happier: Due to regular cuddling and playing the hormone oxytocin is released.

For example, this hormone also plays a crucial role between mothers and their newborns. Oxytocin strengthens the emotional bond between owner and dog, animates to social contacts and brings us this wonderful feeling of happiness while cuddling with our four-legged friend. A dog gives us the steady feeling of being needed and pampers us with a great deal of love.


Office dogs as a stress killer in the workplace

Everyone knows these days when the desk overflows, the boss annoys and the colleagues go on your nerves a little more than usual. Motivation? Wrong! In this hardship case, a dog provides the certain wow effect and can release you from your lack of motivation. Dogs at your workplace not only increase satisfaction, but also have a positive impact on your ability to concentrate. The cute four-legged friends ensure that people are more stress-resistant, as a study by the New York State University of Buffalo shows. In this study, US researchers examined brokers on the New York Stock Exchange.


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